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  • Ocean Dream Ancol – A Quick Trip

    A quick trip to Ocean Dream – Ancol. I can say it is a nice trip. We start at the beach, close to Beach Mall, where Aiden can for the very first time play with beach sand and of course digging a large hole. Afterward, we go to Ocean Dream. There are many attractions and…

  • Waroeng Ethnic

    Tried Waroeng Ethnic yesterday. To sum up, they serve very good food and drinks. The ambience is also good. I tried their steak, caesar salad, baked scallop, iced coffee. All were good and recommended. Location:

  • Visit a Temple

    So, i join my parents and their best friends’ trip. Destination is a temple in Serang, wuih you probably dont know the exact location, it is 70+ km from Kebon Jeruk. It’s a countryfar far away. Earlier, we had lunch at Duta Mas. A crowded morning, for a bowl of noodle. Afterward, a 1-hour trip…

  • Clarke Quay

    Really fun last night. I went out with a friend and his girl-friend. My friend is an Indonesian, who has lived in Singapore for 8 years, while his girl friend is a Nepalese, who has spent 4 years there. So, I met them in Modesto’s, a nice italian restaurant. I had a bottle of Stella…