Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Clarke Quay

Really fun last night. I went out with a friend and his girl-friend. My friend is an Indonesian, who has lived in Singapore for 8 years, while his girl friend is a Nepalese, who has spent 4 years there.

So, I met them in Modesto’s, a nice italian restaurant. I had a bottle of Stella Artois (love this beer with no specific reason, just nice). And they ordered Tiramisu, which is very very very good. 9/10 in my tongue.

At 10, we took a bus to Clarke Quay, for a slice of fun fun fun. Waited few minutes in Marrakesh before offered a seat. He recommended Mojito. I dont understand cocktail, luckily these two were graduated from F&B related major (hotel and tourism), so they explained what is mojito, how to make it, etc. Fun! Oh ya, it’s a mix of rum, mint, lime, and sugar. I must say, it’s very very nice! 9/10 again.

The girl ordered Long Island (i dont like it). My friend ordered Shisha also, peach-flavored. It’s the first time i try shisha. Nice! But, i must say it didn’t make me a shisha fans.

But, now i love Mojito! 🙂
Got home at 2, with a crazy taxi charge and surcharge.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between