Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Visit a Temple

So, i join my parents and their best friends’ trip. Destination is a temple in Serang, wuih you probably dont know the exact location, it is 70+ km from Kebon Jeruk. It’s a countryfar far away. Earlier, we had lunch at Duta Mas. A crowded morning, for a bowl of noodle.

Afterward, a 1-hour trip to Serang. The place is nice, ups.. the temple is nice, built 400 years ago, they said.
Relaxing. At the time I was there, few monks were bathing God’s figures. I always feel relaxed when i see a monk, I thought hey they are so humble and very sincere in helping others, they probably have no sins, probably have done nothing wrong. I might be wrong about this, anyway.

There’s one thing interest me. The temple has sort of rooms for visitors to sleep over! Around 20 rooms. No published rate visible to me, so i guess they’re free.

There’re several regulation for using the room (twin-sharing), for example no alcohol (hehe, how sick a person is to get drunk in a temple), no knife or guns (sure, should not do the killing there, my man), no loud music (it’s a meditation site, for sure). And, maximum staying is one week, dont be crazy and try to have a room for 4 years during your schooling, prohibited. Most are making sense.

I even thought that i can sometimes use the room, you know when we have a lot of problem and looking for an exile. It could probably works. And then, i tried lying down on a bench, under the green green shadow of a tree.
Closed my eyes, relaxed,….

…so calm..,

…so quite..,

…and all I can think of is this place is complete if they allow us to bring a laptop and wireless internet! 😀

As for lunch, yummy, splendid chinese food, not in a restaurant, but a simple food place. Chicken, fish, veggie, egg, slurrpp, good food!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between