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Category: The Company

  • Power 2017

    In 2008, I officially started SSCX with 3 partners to help companies achieving operational excellence. Lean Six Sigma was a new concept back then. As a “process person”, improving business through business process improvement is something I enjoy. Every single day in my client site was an adventure! I did enjoyed every engagement with my…

  • Strategy and Execution

    Ketemu satu joke di The Owl and the Field Mouse Story A little field-mouse was lost in a dense wood, unable to find his way out. He came upon a wise old owl sitting in a tree. “Please help me, wise old owl, how can I get out of this wood?” said the field-mouse.…

  • Why Donate? Why YCAB?

    People asked the motives of us (SSCX) donating some money to YCAB Foundation. Well, the motive is simple, I and my team would like to do something. Simply doing something good that we can all be proud of and if it then motivates other to do the same, we can say we have achieved our…

  • The Company – 2013

    It was 3-4 persons. But today, we are 20 strong. Solid and growing. Buka Bersama 31 August 2013. Super Team! Great challenges ahead, Opexcon13 is coming, results to clients were promised.