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Remembering A Friend

“Hi, Bro Suwandi, my health condition is not so good, required blood transfusion several time.”

That is one the latest messages exchanges I had with Cornel. It was just 6 weeks ago, when I thought of him (out of the blue), and texted him. He then sent regards to wife and son. And, quietly we both just hope for the best.

Yesterday, he passed.

Once, he was a football buddy. He taught me how to play properly 20 years ago. Although we were on different life path later on, he came to my house several times with buddies like Dedi and Anton.

He is an example of how we should deal with life. I never once heard him complaining about how unfair life was to him. At least not to the public or crowd, where most of us are used to.

When, we had a small reunion, we were only remembering the good old times, when life was as simple as when to play football, and which classmates we should laugh at. If only life is always nice to everybody.

He came to my wedding 3 years ago. He looked thin, but cheerful as always. Gosh, where does he get the happiness? 🙂 Glad he came.

This is, I guess, the most recent picture, almost 3 years ago.


Few months ago, he posted:

Dream as if we live forever. Live as if we only have today.

I agree with him. Thanks for the life lesson. I hope you live forever, not only today. I surely gonna miss his energy and determination fighting his illness. So long, friend…

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between