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Paypal? Are They My Pals?

I am a frequent Paypal user and almost all my online activities related to vendor payment must be somehow related to Paypal. For me, until last week, Paypal is a mandatory service for all online users. Like their PR officer, I spent times explaining the benefits and convenience of paypal to friends whenever they needed to do some transactions online.
But there was one incident that made me learn that giant like Paypal is probably too chaotic inside to assist small user like me. Big names and a series of good service is not a guarantee that we will get excellent service as well throughout times.

Last week I received a money from a fellow, who transfer the money via Paypal. Why did I think there will be no problem? Because there is a feature on my account ‘Request Money’. If the personal account can not receive funds, of course, this feature will not be on my account page. I dont think Paypal is that dumb, to put something that should not be used. Or?

The problem poped up when the payment was received, it turns out this account can not receive money. How come? So what is the function of the request money feature? Funnily enough, Paypal first cut a certain percentage before telling me so. 4% of cut, not bad huh! Amount I am about to receive is more than 1000 USD, so you can calculate how much they earn from this. If this account could not receive funding, request money feature should not exist in my account, or is blocked when funds are transferred, agree? But this is “ridiculous”, Paypal blocked the fund and account after cutting 4% 🙂

Until a week, the level of bureaucracy and verification ala Paypal did not find a solution. Finally, after ranting on the phone, they promise me a solution TOMORROW, yes, another 24 hours. 24 hours in the pace of business like this. 🙂 Again, it’s about putting customers at the lowest part of your priority chain.
I’ve talked 3-5 times a week with their call center in Singapore, and the answer was always “that the problem can not be resolved now”.

There’s even an arrogant call agent saying that I would not be able to do anything. Strange. Be careful when using Paypal. Your fund is not that safe.

Having looked at several similar complaints online, I learn that I am not alone!  Even a woman in UK won in court against PayPal freezing her account and fund! Just google “paypal complaints”, you will understand.

Paypal, probably not your pal.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between