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Roma (can) Wins the Title!!

I am a die-hard Roma fans, start supporting giallorosso even before the like of Batigol, or Nakata, or Montella, or even Poggi, joined and then left.

I have seen how Roma youth system developed the like of DDR (De Rossi) – the future Roma leader, or Aquilani (now Liverpool), or even Amelia (now Livorno).

2009/2010 is probably one of the hardest season, Totti is 33, cash is near zero (not to mention the huge debt), Sensi’s death, and no star player joined the team at the start of the season. Motta? Hmmm not mature enough.

But, despite of the hard side, Roma is now one of the major contender of this season’s serie-a title. Tonight is the night. A win will push the hope from Olimpico to Trigoria to every Romanista, and back to the sacred Curva Sud. A loss or draw will set our goal to 2nd/3rd spot and forget about the title. Is tonight our night? I do hope so. It’s been a long 9 years since the last scudetto (2000/2001).

But, in spite of the result, I am still a proud Giallorosso! One day, I’ll be there standing and watching from Curva Sud, cheering for a win, cheering for the hungry wolves!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between