Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Approaching the End of Life, A Note from Critical Care Unit.

We’re all approaching the opposite end, aren’t we? Born with laughter, when joy was all around. But as we’re growing further, taking life for granted, laughing at life, taking everything personal,…suddenly here we are at the very end of life tube.

This is a death row. The only row we are at!

When we’re approaching the end, the question is always “what is next?”. So, what is next?

What this life is all about? What kind of emotion matter? What is with all the hate and love? We’re vanishing… Do you remember the time you yell at your parents when they didn’t give you what you wanted? Do you remember the one time where you cheated your friend?

Do you remember the few times you bad mouthing others? Or the time you embarassed others?

So, what is next? What this 24 hrs a day is all about? What deed and what evil matter? Why were we here at the very first place? Were we meant as a joy to others? And now we are their sadness?

What a life. Life is once, live it.

Cheers! Written in a Critical Care Unit
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Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between