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Lesson Learned from Fitness First’s RPM Class

I learned few things! Actually this is a Art of War from RPM Class (not the other way around! :p)
Here they are:

1. It’s probably the hardest thing to do in FF Gym! 🙁 so, prepare yourself well before you joint for the very first time! Lesson: know the war field, prepare yourself. Going to war without the knowledge will kill you!

2. I then finished the session, but it is more because of ego rather than my physical strength. I certainly don’t want to go out from that cycling studio with every eyes on me :p. Lesson: your own ego will bring you to another level. If you go to war, pump your ego, be arrogant even to yourself there you’ll find something beyond your known strength!

3. I got the emotional spirit from the instructor. He kept screaming: “you want to lose fat! you want to lose fat” :p and “come on! You told me to bring it on! Now I bring it on! I see you on the top!” Haha. Fun! Lesson: you need someone to energize you in a war. Find a friend, find a spiritual figure, find a motivator.

4. If the cycling studio is only 3 person, it will give you less sensation of team achievement. We all know achieving something together is far better! Lesson: in a war, prepare a row of troops on your side, see they win, show them you can win too, fight together win together, celebrate together!

5. I keep a bowl of ramen in my imagination. I told my self, if I finish this session, the bowl of ramen is mathematically less calories than what I’ve spent in this session. It kept me going! Lesson: ramen is nice!

That’s 5 lessons I’ve learned in my FitnessFirst’s RPM Class! Cheers! :p

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between