Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Something of Something in Everything

Trying to offload something in my life. Actually, I am offloading some of my life, I am serious. I have been part of this something for so long, it even feels like my last name. Can you believe it? But, for the sake of my life and my future, sometimes you simply can not have too many. You need to let go of something to get another big thing.

(Just remember a radio tag line: “because one is never enough, and three is simply too much!”)

I was never a believer of limit. I have a strong confidence that sky is not the limit. That you can do anything in your life, that you can get on top of everything. But, seems like I’ve been lying to myself. There is a limit, there is a constraint.
You will never want to have everything, and at the very same time lost everything, right? So, i think offloading something is probably something best to do at the moment.

My life is superb! I got something so called DREAM, and then HOPE, and then PLAN, and then I am now more than ready to start my engine!

I now can look beyond the horizon. Thanks to everyone who wakes me up, and makes me able to see things! 🙂

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between