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Less Important Person

Was passing “Jalan Ditutup. Perjalanan VIP”, and it hit my mind, damn, how can he say i am not an important person? How on earth can somebody tell somebody else that one body is more important, and the other are less?

Yeah, I know I am not the president, but for one person to judge the level of importance of other person? How can you be more important (read: Very Important Person), while the guy beside you is probably an NTI (read: Not That Important), and the other guy is NIAA (Not Important At All).
I dont know where I stand according to that guy.

I against the classification of human being, for any reasons. It is a discrimination, a humiliation to LIP (Less Important Person), to all NTIs, and to all NIAAs.

This whole VIP, and now VVIP stuffs is not fun, until google take me to WikiAnswers, and they refer VVIP to Very Very Important Part. :p

Yeah, I agree with you for that “VVIP”, special care and attention is required and allowed.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between