Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Final Foodtasy

Haha, I am hungry and like to post about food 😀

Just asked Ike: if she has only 1 more meal, and she can choose whatever she wants, as long as it is available in planet earth, what will she choose? 1 more meal, the final meal.

Seconds later: “…nasi padang…”

Wakakaka, laughed my self out. Nasi Padang! :)) I thought she will mention penne carbonara, or california roll, or mushroom la-mian, or lamb-chop, or smoked salmon with mint, but no no no… nasi padang.

She asked me back. Wohoho, need some thinking, man.
Few stuffs roamed around: roti prata, premium-well-done steak, MOS Burger, very-fine italian-pizza.

I then said: “…lontong sayur…”.


That’s what came out. Lontong Sayur. Huaaa, miss my hometown’s signature-breakfast!! *looks like we both are very kampong, not so international! doh.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between