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Bad Guy On The Block

Sometimes, somehow, i label my self as a bad guy. Dunno why, but there are reasons. The last thing I remember, I judge a person by his/her name. Sad but true.

I shortlisted hundreds of applicants for my office’s jobs by filtering their names, and then by their pictures, and then by their experience. :(( My girl said it was not the correct way to do it, but still I did it that way. Five hundred applicants for 1 or 2 posts, it’s not a good proportion and certainly not an easy work.

And then, took me the night to realize how awful it was.
A mother tried her best to give a nice pretty name for their daughter and son, but bammmm 20 years later a bad guy on the block says the name is not good enough. Seal the envelope and send to the message her daughter or son.

Damn. Bad guy on the block is apologizing to all the ‘so-called’ ugly names.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between