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Satoo and Coto

Had a lunch in Satoo – Shangri La Hotel this afternoon. This restaurant is one of my very favorites! Love the menu, love lamb-char-siew, love peking-duck, sushi, sashimi, everything. Feels like to enjoy another meal there!

Read the review here and the official detail here.

Trust me, you should try!

Hmmm, am leaving for Makasar tomorrow afternoon, have to replace my colleague for a training in Makasar. This probably my third trip to Makasar.

The first one, back in July 2005. Read the post from Makasar here. I tried nasi goreng merah (yeaksss.), and pisang epe (another yeaksss.). Also tried Coto Makasar. This one is okay lah.

The second trip, around November 2007. A friend (…my client) took me for a city tour. He drove me to the seaside, the city, and around and around, and finally taste the original Kopi Toraja, which is slurrrrrppp. Had the coffee at 10pm!

So, this is the third trip. Not much i expect, as probably i will mostly spend my days alone. Be back on Monday evening.

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