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Who Am I

*written on Oct 13th

Booked a taxi to airport this morning. Quite a while since the last time I book a taxi for my flight, but today is different, it’s Moslem’s Idul Fitri, and I reckoned most taxi driver take a day off. So, i book! For 5.15am.

At 4.45, after taking my damn early shower, the taxi company called me. “Pak Suwandi, are you downstair? Is this you that in front of the lobby?”

“No! I’m still inside”, actually I was like 3 km away, “Why?”
Replied “Oh, there’re many people wait ooutside for taxis, can you go downstair?”
“Soon! Please wait in parking area, I’ll car-call the driver”

Damn! Quite thrilling! Thinking what if I can not find a taxi!

Twenty mins later, I’m in the taxi, and the driver told me that several guys claimed he is actually Suwandi. What?!

See, when you ware cornered, YOU CAN BE ANYBODY. Probably, you can be Bush, Osama, Rob Thomas, or Ujang. You probably wouldn’t be too ashamed to be somebody else. You’re losing yourself.

Instead of asking “Which one is Suwandi?”, the driver should have been asked “Who did order taxi? Please also give me the name of the guest” 🙂

When somebody, out of the blue, asking you “Who are you?” in some point you funnily ask yourself that particular question :

“Who am I?”

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between