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Taxi in Manila

Been my fourth day in Manila. Certainly this city is lacking any infrastructure for tourism. The transportation system is even worse than Jakarta, particularly their taxis. I can not believe I have to wait for like hundreds of taxis and they asked ‘where are you going?’, and when we mention one place or another, they’ll THINK about it, consider, and later answers ‘I dont go there’, or ‘traffic’! For God’s sake, how can a tourist goes to one place to another?

Most taxis are the same, averagely their cars have been running for 10+ years. Air-con is bad. Smelly. Annoying sounds from the wheel, like something’s gonna drop, either their velg, their chassis, or probably the engine. Sometimes, they play radio which is not entertaining. If you lucky, you can find a driver who drives you anywhere you go (can not believe i have to mention this), a driver who uses meter, a driver who doesnt play radio with such a noisy volume, and also probably he’s a good driver (note: i dont want to mention this, but they certainly don’t know when to use brake, when to push the pedal, or when to slow down).

However, the chances are slim, my friend, to have those above mentioned taxi.

Jakarta vs Manila = 2 : 0 (actually the score must be 1 : 0, but thinking about BlueBird and SilverBird, I give extra point for Jakarta).

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between