Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


Got a pimple near my nose, i think that’s because i’ve been in some sort of minor insomnia. Rarely pass 6 hours of sleep per day. It reminds me of our youth, do you still remember when got we pimple and our friends just “waaaa!! who’s the girl (or boy)?? u’re in love right? you have pimple!“. Remember?

And i just realised altho it was some sort of myth, but it’s kinda true! When we’re in junior or high school, the only event that made us couldn’t sleep was we’re thinking of someone else, we do not NOT sleep because there’re other things in our mind. We do not NOT sleep thinking about why f=m*a or vertebrates, or why nagasaki, or linear-regression.

Life was so simple back then!

Now, urgh… we’re overwhelmed by so many things! Life, works, clients, career, future, present, many many things and makes us harder and harder to sleep. Thats why there’s a theory that adult over 45 years old only need 5 hours of sleep.They use ‘need’ instead of ‘can’. Why is that?

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between