Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


I submitted an application of something to a public service unit in Jakarta, it’s a health-care related unit (I dont want to mention the department’s name). It supposed to be a no charge process (call it “free”), but let’s see how it went.

I went there around 3 pm. I submitted the binder of letters and application to person in charge, a woman around 45, she told me “It requires ‘administration fee’, you know”.

I surprised and replied “Ooooo… how much, maam?”

She  : “up to you, Doc”
Me   : “hmmm,… i dont know the range, what is the usual practice?”
She  : “if i tell you, i am afraid it will be too high”
Me   : “but, i dont know the value. Is 10.000 Rupiah OK?”
She  : “c’mon, Doc, there’re 3 of us”
Me   : “it’s not mine, i am just a delivery-guy (hoping she cancelled the demand). OK, 15.000 Rupiah then”
She  : “Gosh, at least 30.000”
Me   : “OK, you got change?”
She  : “Got!”
Me   > give her a 50.000 Rupiah note.
She  > give me 20.000 Rupiah change!

How terrible is that? It’s a public service, but it charges you as she likes! And, she has change!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between