Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


Three years ago, there’s nothing happier than having a trip to other cities for my office’s job. But, lately I realised the risk, I realised the fatique of a trip. I no longer expecting a flight, a trip, whatever… I rather stay in Jakarta.

The fatique of waiting for a stupid plane to arrive or to depart ON TIME! On time flight is a rare stuff you can expect for an after-noon trip. Really. Right now, i am delayed for 2 hours (and counting, perhaps!).

I dont get the logic why a plane can be so damn late! Dont they have a system for reservation, checking in, boarding, clear destination, etc… OR, they just confused once they’re up in the air.

Fifteen minutes after take off, the captain talks to his mate, the co.
Capt : “hey, you remember where we’re goin?”
Copl : “i think surabaya, sir”
Capt : “ooo.. you remember the coordinats and the path?”
Copl : “hmmm… kinda forget, sir, why dont we ask the men on ground?”
Capt : “good, idea, mate, let’s call him and figure this out!”

Urgh… probably that’s whats happening! Crazy!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between