Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


I really believe in Theory of Equality lately (has this theory existed? If not, i will make it). 😀

Since I decided to SAVE more money, i have to SPEND more indeed. How funny is that. Its like, someone invisible whispers:

“Suwandi, you will have this balance in the end. Whatever you save, you will spend on other things that you did not plan to. However you spend, you will get the income you did not plan to have.”

Something like that. Well, i never tried the second statement, but the 1st seems to be working very well! Let’s review today. I try to save money by not spending anymore in the shopping center (a.k.a Mall). No fancy lunch, no fancy dinner, just a bowl of Soto Kudus. BUT, i scratched a car in front of me. Damn it!

After nice negotiation, i have to pay him Rp 100.000,00. Urgh. Luckily, it’s only few scratches, not hit it hard. Will get worse and ruin my whole weekend. *this “luckily” refer to consolation, most indonesians do it. Consolation prize. You lost your wallet, you will still say, luckily not all my cash in that wallet. You lost your car, you will still say, luckily i haven’t changed my car-stereo. :p

And luckily, i can still have my weekend. Football Manager, DVDs,… Must relax.
Or maybe, i should spend MORE? What do you think? 😀

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between