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Personality Plus

Yeah… Welcome to 2007.
A new version of you! A new version of me! A new release!

*first post in year 2007. Hehe.

Speaking of you, me, and version. I just got back from a 3-day meeting in Cisarua last week. On one session, my boss (a very patient guy, really!) told us about getting to know people, to know their personality. He relied mostly on a book ‘Personality Plus’. About how a person can be analysed and grouped into 4 groups. Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic, and Sanguine. Wiki up yourself.

And i asked him, ‘and,..what am I’, he told me ‘i see you as a Sanguine-choleric person’. And he started to tell me my weakness and strengths. I nod. Kinda true.

Got back home, i googled and then, i found a website that provide free test on personality. And guess what! I almost couldn’t believe my self, that my boss was 100% correct! 🙂

And it provide several explanation about Sanguine person and Choleric person. I read. I nod… mostly true about my self, but not all. Something i like (mostly not very true), something i don’t like (mostly yeah.. sometimes true!).

What i read, (and then i agree and i like) : cheerful, curious, enthusiastic, creative, colorful, loves people, makes the goal. Hihi.. i like all the strengths, and what i like the most : “is usually right, knows the right answers, is like by children’s friends..” hahaha.

What i read (and then i dont like, but mostly true) : interrupts and dont listen, forgetful, undisciplined, easily distracted, loud voice, loud laugh, gets angry easily, cant relax, impatient, rude, doesnt analyze details… damn it.. the list is ******g long!

Yeah, it’s NOT something you rely on to make judgement of people (judging people is not good, by the way).
But, it is quite fun… so try it your self.
Read, think, realise, and hopefully, in 2007, we can change our weaknesses into something good.

This year, i will try to be ‘can relax, be patient, not get angry easily’. 🙂i{content: normal !important}

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between