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Meet A Person

Earlier today, my friend just told me about how a person i know, is now actually works at his mother’s department, and the person i know studied in the same campus with my girlfriend, and her boyfriend is actually my senior. The person i know also has an older cousin, who is my client. How funny is that. How i can connected to another person thru such a long list of person. Funny, isn’t it?

While i was waiting for my flight to Batam earlier this week, i met a guy (mid 40, tall, chinese), i saw him. I nod my head, altho i lost where i’ve met him, who is he etc. He saw me, confused, try to remember, “where did i meet this man?”. I asked myself, and challenged myself to find the answer.

Finally, i got it. He was the guy i met in Belitung, during my visit to a smelting-company. He is a supplier for that company, and we had a conversation in Belitung.

And, last week, an administrative staff of one of my clients, told me that she saw me in a wedding. While i know the groom, she actually knows the groom’s sister. So coincidence!!

See? Its a funny thing actually going on. How about everyone in this planet are connected thru some kind of mystery, and who knows at the end, we are actually just a big family.

A very big family.

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Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between