Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


Quite fun trying my pal’s camera (Nikon). Like the clicking sound of it.
Zooming, focusing, adjusting, stay still, focused, click!

Look at how i performed above-mentioned task!
Not bad huh? Haha.
Maybe, can later become a photo-journalist, hmmm… but must start with photo-blogging instead (which i dont really have the passion to start right now).

Anyway, just feel really refreshed, after pulang-kampung for couple of days. Pekanbaru. A fast growing town. Really fast.
About 8 years ago, when my friends ask me to ‘jalan-jalan’, it really meant we’re on ‘jalan’, roamed around the streets. But now, when they say ‘jalan-jalan’, it could means malls (and we have to ask: ‘jalan-jalan’ which mall?). Nah..that fast!

The only thing I regretted in my home-town is a new statue around Simpang Komersial Arengka. Imagine you eat something very very very bad, and you regret you have put that damn thing in your mouth, and you later call it “mouth-killer”. And the statue i mentioned above is an “eye-killer”. I regret i’ve ever seen such an ugly thing with my eyes. :))

Overall, pay a visit to Pekanbaru, and feel the heartbeat of growing Sumatra…. And maybe, you can experience one of my shoot with my pal’s Nikon!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between