Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Wonder – Be With You

Lately, i never know why, but i keep thinking of the purpose of life. I sometimes do wonder and wander about it. I once told my good-friend that i am kind of “result-driven” person, i can only accomplish something if i can think of what’s in the other end. Not result oriented, but result driven.

Taking the note into Life (with capital L) same thing occurs. What is the purpose of this Life then? I couldn’t at least think of one. What the hell am i thinking? But can you think of one, at least? Tell me!

Life’s short, my man. If life has no purpose, than life must be only a scene of experiencing. Dont ask me experiencing for what. I dont know (yet). Like Alphaville’s Forever Young, “…sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip…“. We ain’t gonna live forever.
It’s a short trip.
A 118 minutes of rolling movie.
A shot
from a gun.
From the first time you know your parent, to the last day that you want to forget everything. What’s beyond is a mystery.

I watched a japanese movie last week. Be With You. It’s a damn good movie. It is so good that i have no plan to return it soon. Haha. It’s a big hit in 2004 in Japan. Watching the movie, you’ll learn that maybe life’s is NOT about looking for that purpose(s) i’ve mentioned earlier.
Perhaps, all is about experiencing.
A slice of your life.
A package of images from a large set of it.
A chapter of the novel.
Love stories.
Your sadness.
The day you achieve your dream. Or the day you break the rules.
The day you cross the line. The day you ended.

All the slices, slices, slices.
Repackaged at the end.
And later, you forget.
You forget, amazingly.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between