Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

A Tribute To Hendy Sun

I was doing my stuff when my friend in Accenture, Anthony’s instant-messaging me and ask about something I’ve once discussed with long time ago. Until one point, he told me “planning is still the planning”. And I nod, yes, and “someday is not even a day in calendar” 🙂

Everyone is planning everything, and somebody maybe have plans for their whole life.

But, one single moment can change everything. I was so sad when I read about of my friend from Pekanbaru, that currently stays in Jogjakarta. He got an accident that changed his whole life. Dramatically. Pray for him, that he’ll stays strong as he is now.

Everything is worth planning. But, in many cases, another quick-plan shall be made available. Adjustment, no matter small or big, shall be accepted. I have many plans this year. Some of them have been revised or even deleted. Remembering every deleted-or-revised-plans is degrading our quality of life, increasing our stress level. For now, the even-better plan is to plan to accept that your plan is not always work.

My friend in Jogjakarta has showed us, that accepting another plan, is the way to adapt with a new life. Life is not about completing your plan, it is more about enjoying the beat of the journey. And make the very best out of it. For you, your family, your love one, or your friends.

He is a hero..

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between