Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


There’s a ‘funny’ thing during one of my office hours. I have been doing some stuff for one of my company’s initiatives. Researching the web A to Z, mailing some guys, et ce tera, et ce tera. And to one point, my good friend Dennis was doing his stuff next to my desk. Confusing and frustrating, I commented “apparently, concepting is much much easier than executing!”.

I was hoping for no respond. You know, its kind of ‘self-asking’ that require no reply. But, later he laughed, and said ‘you know, there’s a story I once read’. I said ‘what is that?’. And he started telling me the story (later I knew that he quoted the story from “Aesop and The CEO”).

A large group of mice lived in a barn for many years. Llife was wonderful, except for the sneaky cat that prowled around. Hardly a day went without a poor mouse being chased or even eaten by the cat. Finally, the head mouse called a meeting.

“Ladies and gentlemen, youngster, and baby mice,” he stated. “The time is now to resolve our problem with the cat. Does anyone have any solution?”

The mice were abuzz with ideas and suggetion, but none seemed to solve the problem.
Then, a young mouse got up, took the floor, and said boldly, “let’s hang a bell around the cat’s necl. That way, whenever the cat is near, we’ll hear the ringing and safely hide.” The crowd applauded loudly as the mouse took his seat.

Once the applause died down, an elderly mouse rose to his feet and said, “Our young friend’s plan is simple yet ingenious. Once the bell is on the cat, we’ll all live safely. But, I have one brief question to put to you all: Which one of you will volunteer to bell the cat?”

Hahahaha… I will remember that story forever. And I learned something, that if you are proposing something, keep in mind that we have to make it executeable. By the way, I’ve check the dictionary, ‘executeable’ is not even a word. Wakakka..

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between