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Lunch Under The Sea Level

Today, I’m visiting another barge, this time, it’s called Crane Barge Indo Prestasi I. Sounds like a very good vessel, and yes, it is huuuge, it is robust, and it is pretty. (you know.., people mostly refer a boat/ship/vessel to a girl, a feminine object). Sounds true, imagining Indo Prestasi as a sexy but big vessel.

I briefed the personnel on-board concerning the quality management system, and later had lunch in the vessel. They got a good cook, Sukardi, who was famous with his sambal, and it does taste good! They served fish, egg, vegetable, fruits. But, I didn’t really care about what I ate! What keep buzzing in my head is, I had lunch UNDER the sea level! I had lunch in the ‘basement’ dining room, which was one of lowest part of the barge, we had to go downstairs for the lunch, and it was under the sea level. So good!

When we went to the barge, we had to take a small boat, called Straits Lhok Tuan, which was operated only by a guy, manually, without engine. But it was only about 10  meters before reaching the barge. They were doing some piling job, and extremely busy with their activity. Luckily, got time to brief about tomorrow audit.

Having such a good time on board.. the travel from Bontang to the port took 2 hours, but it was certainly worth it.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between