Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Act Your Age

Fortunately, in my kind of job, I’ve been given a valuable opportunity to meet a lot people from different countries. As I can remember, no matter how short or long the contact exist, from only 5 minutes talk to maybe months of working together, with Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, American, French, UK, Australian, Japanese, (yeah… not a very long list, as you can tell hehe).

I’ve learned the way they do business, the way they work with others, and one common similarity I can see from my point of view as their consultant or their partner is “they never ask me about how old I am, never ask me about where I’ve graduated, never ask me about what degree I hold”.

Yes, none of them EVER asked me about those things. But, when I met an Indonesian clients, you can bet that they will ask you and judge you based on those things. Does it matter? Well, f*** I never give a damn!

Not saying I am an experienced person, not saying that I know many things, BUT I believe most of Indonesian just can’t differ “experienced” with “old”. So pathetic! When they know my age, they will act like, “..o please, you dont need to let me know that..”, or “ can you know things more, when I live longer than you..”.

People, please forget about how old they are, or how young they are, JUST ACT YOUR AGE! Care nothing about other’s! Respect each others!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between