Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


Having a dinner at a restaurant in a hotel, i ordered a simple meal. Like 20 minutes later, a waiter brought me the set. Yummy! So, he hold the tray with both hands and i can see that there are spoon and fork at the table, just exactly at where he want to place the set. So, I moved them.

He looked at me and smile (funnily), and i thought, ‘..what else, put the set down..’ (i was damn hungry, if you want to know my situation).
He did not, he was shaking and keep smiling (funnily!). Dont ask me why.

And seconds later ‘…my foooooot….‘.

I said ‘Sorry, what?’.
He said ‘kaki saya kejepit kursi bapak….’.

Really? I looked down, and yep yep yep! :))
I laughed! Out loud! He just ‘ouuuccch’. I replied ‘I am so sorry, Mas’. And he said ‘That’s okay, no problem, Pak!’, and you know what he smiles. Hahaha.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between