Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Ring or Saving, or… ring?

“….Monkeys are just as good as spending money as they are at making it. They can’t really save it because it burns a hole in their pockets. Occasionally though, Monkeys should put a little away today for an emergency tomorrow…”

I’ve just read my astrology stuff (, and haha so damn correct. How do they know about this?

I earn several times than higher than my first paycheck, but always, the balance at the end of the month is the same!!! Very very balanced! Zero!

Do try to save money this year, and quite happy with the result. Bend what the chinese astrology tells! **i remember my father once told me (years ago), that i will spend my money as much as i earn and he told me to put a ring on one of my fingers (he did mentioned which finger, but i forget).

Hmmm… probably after my wedding, i will be able to save more (read: you wear a ring after your marriage, right?.
But, then come to mind, how to save money for the wedding if I don’t wear a ring? See, a cycle!, which you dont know which is first!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between