Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Way Back Into Love

I’ve been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I’ve been searching but I just don’t see the signs
I know that it’s out there

That’s part of “Way Back Into Love”. My girlfriend introduced me to this song couple of months ago, a lovely song. I love it. A Lot. And I want to talk about it 🙂
Nope, not about love, i am not good in talking about it, hehe…

I will just take several lines of it, which applicable to my other part of my life. Yes, i know IT’s out there, and i am about to find it OUT THERE.
With or without the signs, and either the stars start to shine or not. I’ll go for it. Like, other lines of the song:

I’ve been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need em again someday
I’ve been setting aside time

When you’re doing some compromises, you’re putting some of your dreams aside, and later, if you think again, you probably decide to forget the compromise, go for your dreams, take the risks, and so on. I am about to do it.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between