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Italia Prediction

Wihiii! So glad that Italy won last night game against Czech 2-0. In spite of Totti poor performance, they’re doing good, especially the defense quartet (Grosso, Cannavaro, Materazzi, and Zambrotta) and Buffon (world class, dude! yeah.. world class!). Tonight schedule features one intense and thrilling match (i assured you), between Korea and Switzerland!

Wish Korea can really show what they’re made of tonight (i believe they will go to Last-16) And while predicting who will fight who in Last 16, i read rule number 7 on how to decide which team to go through next round, if the point and goal difference is equal between 2 teams :

g) drawing of lots by the Organising Committee for the FIFA World Cup™.

Can you believe that? The fate of the team will be decided by drawing! 😮 Luckily, it wont happened in this 2006 World Cup. I still believe Italia will beat Australia in Last 16, and then beat Korea in Final 8. In semis, they’ll beat Germany the host, and it will be the replay of 1994 World Cup Final, Italia vs Brazil. (my first world cup). And na na… dont say Fat Ronaldo or Ronaldinho will threaten Fabio and Allesandro, in fact Gattuso and Grosso will threaten Brazil wing (c’mon Carlos way too old for Final).

Italia, as usual, start slow and unconvincing. But, they’ll keep winning, even only with single goal. Check their history in 1994, 1998, 2002. The only thing that will keep Italia from winning is PENALTY SHOOT OUT. They lost in 1994 to Brazil after the shoot out (poor Roberto Baggio, from hero to zero).

They lost again in shoot out, after Luigi Di Biagio missed the shot in front of Fabien Barthez.

In 2002, they almost got to the shoot out, before ‘italian-based’ Ahn Jung Hwan scored a dramatic goal in extra time. But, if they go to the shoot out, they will still lose. Korean nerve in front of thousands of their fans will be as thick as the money generated from advertising during the Korea Japan 2002 World Cup. :))

This year? Well, better hope Totti, Pirlo, Gattuso, and Perotta prepared for this! <- those are good penalty takers.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between