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Letto! Letto!

Most listened album this week : Letto (Truth, Cry, & Lie)

Yes! I was listening to Letto most of my time while driving my ‘grasshopper’ to work. Heard of them? If no is your answer, than you must try tuning in their hits like ‘No One Talk About Love Tonight’. At the end of the track, you probably will say “hmmm… I think this is one of Keane, or Oasis, or Coldplay, or Starsailor, or Athlete’s…”.

🙂 Tell you what, they are very very good. I was in a record store last week, and this track had stolen my attention. I stay at the store until the end of the almost-5-minute track. And can’t hardly wait to ask the staff, “..what is the Now Playing?..”, and she replied, “Letto”. I said : “That indonesian band?” I was amazed. Damn, I thought it was one of the britpop megastars.

The vocal is excellent. The music is good (in my opinion). The variety of the music and consistency of genre, impressed me more. They’re just not as lucky as other less-talented-bands like Samson. Poor Letto.

Hope they can do better with marketing and promotion next time. I do believe this is a world class band. With a touch from international-minded-management, they can rock UK and US too. Trust me.

You should also try “Ruang Rindu”, which I love the most in the album.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between