Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Life on 20000 Feet

I was on my way back to Jakarta, from Belitung Island. I’ve just conducted gap analysis in a mining industry. It was Batavia Air (Again! The same flight that I had problem with). In the middle of the flight, around 15 minutes after take-off, there was a quite terrible thing happened. I don’t know why and they never explain.

The plane began to shook very hard.
Some people began to scream ‘ahhhh…’.
I try to stay calm.
I tightened my seat belt.
And then, there’s a sound of something fell off.
“Please! Don’t tell me it’s the wing, or the jet-engine!”
My God! ‘Is the plane owright??’

By that second, my mind just go blank. I’m not thinking about the plane, but about me;
How in 25 of my age, I have never accomplished anything great;
How I never go to Venezia, although I’ve promised someone about this;
How I never have a long vacation;…. Argh… what have I done in this 25 years? Do I really do nothing? Damn it! A quarter of century!

Perhaps, I will do great things when this flight is over! Urgh,…. I hate flying! Now I can understand why my cousin always refuses to take a flight, although his parent’s going to US.

And few minutes later, (one or two minutes, I mean), the plane began to stable. The lady sitting the same row with me still hold her husband tightly. It was all quite, then.

Fiuh… Thanks, God! At least, I have another breath to take, another dream to realize, another day with my family and girl,..
and another cup of coffee.

(Better and should stop typing, and start thinking about the dreams!!)


Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between