Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Young Adam

Just noticed that airport in Semarang provides Free Hotspot! 🙂 Yipeee! For the first time, use my laptop for wireless internet connection! Previously, just feel, unfair to pay 50K Rups in Starbucks to try it. I was torn between 2 decisions, either to take out my laptop and try it, or just assuming there wont be such free thing down here. Talking to my mate for a sec, and decide to try.

I watched Young Adams last week, I don’t think it’s a commercial movie that will be available in every screens. Its more into festival film. It’s about a young man, named Joe. He was involved in an accident that killed a girl, his previous girlfriend who is pregnant that time. Police and judges, at the end of the movie, decided that another guy (forgot the name) guilty for the death. Joe was there on the court-room.

He was in a position that will decide the future of that suspect (charged with death penalty). Either he stepped in front and tell all the people, that he knew what happened, and that innocent guy will be released from any charge, or he stayed quite. There’s a moment in the movie that show the situation. At the very end, he chose not to do anything. The guy was charged with maximum penalty, which is death.

Sometimes, we are in Joe’s foot. We are in between 2 decisions. No matter how simple the decision to be made, and how simple the consequences are. No matter how hard the decision to be made, and the harder the situation is, we are often in that position. Be a bad guy or be the good guy. North or South. Sleep or Not.

Last time, I was in car heading to pay the parking ticket. Cost me 17000 Rups. I gave the guy 50000, and he returned 37000. I counted. I stepped on the pedal. I counted again, ups… it’s a mistakes. He over-paid me 4000! Back or not? Let myself get the extra 4000 or go back and stop the guy from losing 4000 at the end of the day?

I hit the pedal again. It was too late, I thought. A lil bit sorry… but, must change the behaviour next time. 😉

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between