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World Energy

“We’re not only part of the solution but also part of the problem,” he confesses. What he means is that computers are egregious energy hogs. Data centers alone, Sun calculates, account for 2-3 percent of total world energy use, with all IT making up more like 4-5 percent. At big companies, 20 percent of total energy costs can typically be accounted for by information technology.”

Wow! Can you imagine that? Our laptops contribute to that 4-5 percent of world energy use! Hmmm… we can help the world by stop using laptop! ūüėÄ Dont play too¬†much¬†games,¬†dont¬†listen¬†to¬†mp3s¬†from¬†laptop,¬†dont¬†read¬†too¬†many¬†online¬†papers.¬†Hehe.


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