Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between


Am big fans of chocolate. I just ate my wheat bread with chocolate spread. I think it has started like forever that i like chocolate. Every brand is okay to me, i’ve tried many different brand, local to import, white to dark, and as long as it is chocolate, it’s gooood.

I challenged my self, and i THINK that i can even eat spaghetti bolognese with chocolate, chocolate tom yam, 😀 also, chicken curry with chocolate paste, sushi topped with chocolate sauce, and also probably sardines with chocolate. 😀 i think i can eat every chocolate thing.

Remembered one big humiliation regarding chocolate, happened in 2003, i was working in a japanese company, where i did some analysis and reported to management. My analysis’ involving color, and in one occasion i found that the color combination of this particular packaging is “coklat”, and also some other colors.

SO, i wrote down my analysis: colors: chocolate, red, yellow, green. I signed and about to submit to my boss, until a collegue came to me. (He’s a high school graduate with tons of experience in doing what i’m doing that time). He asked me, are you sure with this?

And, i replied confidently, of course, i know what i’m doing and i’m sure about the color the competitor used. And i also re-checked my chemical analysis.

He said : i thought it’s brown, instead of chocolate, for “coklat”.

And, blurrrrrrppp… blurrrppp… i could not believe i forgot that in english “coklat” is BROWN!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between