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Do You Trust the Chinese?

Overheard in a lift in Pacific Place. 🙂 Interesting conversation. Looks like 1 China nationality, and 2 indonesians with frequent visit to China (yeah, probably their business partner. Who’s not?). We’re going down in a tube-a-like lift, from 5th floor.

A (Indo): I once took a higher than this, probably five times! You know 5 times, and it was windy. Quite scary, you know.

B (Chinese): Where? Here?

A: No, not here. Europe! But, yeah I trust European lah. I trust their engineers. :p

C: Will you take it in China? 😀

A: No! I would not. I don’t know what exactly they do with the lift. Not sure! If i have to, I will buy insurance immediately!

B: so you trust China’s insurance company lah?

A: No! I would buy AIG’s one.

LOL. I leave them and go straight to a meet up point: urban kitchen.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between