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Happy Countries

There’s a song, i once heard (long time ago),

When skies are gray and you say you are blue,
I’ll send the sun smiling through,
I want to be happy,

but I won’t be happy till I make you happy, too

No, not saying I am not happy. In fact, i am. I am very very happy with my life.But, how happy do you want to be? How happy are you? Do you think you live in a happy country?

A recent “research” from BusinessWeek, “World’s Happiest Countries” might give you some helps. Turns out, Denmark is the happiest country. I dont know how Indonesia rated, but certainly not in the Top 12. Hehe.

The surprise is Bhutan and Brunei, both in Top 12. Singapore, US, UK are not within Top 12. Apart from where you live, i guess happiness is all about you.

Cheer up, be happy, and live it!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between