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Found good article in Yahoo!Health.

“…Like many people, I find that I use my cell phone more and more. There is no denying that this device has changed the way we live.

However, not all of these changes have been for the better. It is clear that cell phones have changed our behavior in ways that impact our emotional health and our interactions with other people.

We used to be quite content spending time alone, walking down the street or waiting in a coffee shop for a friend. Now, however, many of us seem to feel the need to be constantly connected to another person via a digital device.

No moment can pass without the emotional security blanket of holding on to another person electronically. This is a kind of dependence that tells us that it is not OK to be alone, that we are somehow lacking without constant connection with another person.

INDEPENDENCE TIP – Try being alone for a few hours. If you are shopping or walking or driving, turn off the phone. See what it feels like to simply be on your own without giving in to the habit of carrying around all of your friends and family via the cell phone…”

Well, gonna try? Let’s!

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between