Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between

Chocolate Inside

Know a mint candy with creamy chocolate inside? There are several brands to name. And i kinda like that kind of candy. The ‘journey’ you have to ‘go-thru’ to finally reach the ‘end’. You have to taste the mint before you can taste the chocolate.

I like the chocolate inside. Like a surprise. Yes, surprise. And sometimes, by the cause of poor consistency of the filling machine on the factory, by any chance you will get one without any chocolate. And that is killing me. I really upset when i get that one.

Like life, you go thru a very steady pace, you’re hoping something will comes up sometimes. Hopefully, something goooood comes up. But, sometimes, you get nothing. That’s it. Nothing. A nil. I hate that kind of life. You feel like you’re going somewhere, but you end up on the same place.

“When you almost reach the end,
somebody move it.”
(read it somewhere)

Been in a very very bad mood lately (It’s like the world’s teasing me). There’s no funny joke, but life. No good thing to hear, but my moan. No good music, but this damn thing flying round my head.

Should find a getaway… A place full of joke (not about my life), good thing to hear (perhaps waves, birds, wind, or maybe a welcome dance), good music (stupid radio lately).

Advise me.

Common Sense, Nonsense, and Everything in Between