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Sumba, an island far far away

Had a conversation last night with a girl from Sumba. A short and interesting conversation about her hometown. They, according to this 19-year old girl, eat not with meat or egg or veg, they mix rice with corn, and then cook it just like how we cook our rice and then eat only that. Some of the corn are for pigs.

They don’t have electricity, so they use “pelita”, (read: candles), and for the rich families they use generator. There’s only few houses that have electricity from PLN. When I asked about telecommunication, some of thme (including this girl) posses the luxury of mobile phones. But, they have to walked 90 minutes to a hill! I don’t even remember where exactly Sumba is in the map. I then realized what a great country Indonesia is. I can communicate with this girl using our own language: Bahasa Indonesia. I can trade with her with our own currency: Rupiah.

Thinking about Sumpah Pemuda and our Founding Fathers, don’t we all agree the whole concept of Indonesia is way beyond our own imagination. Sent from mobile phone.

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