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Yeap! Finally, this is my 309th post!

Have been blogging since June 2005, hmmm more than 4 years! Just read random post from 2005, gosh, it was so fun back to those days, my first post in this blog was about my trip to Surabaya where I stayed in Sheraton Surabaya, and then, the very next post was about my trip to Semarang to visit Ike, and I stayed in Novotel Semarang.
Few days later, I was in Medan, stayed in Novotel Medan, for a project. And just after that, few days from the Medan trip, I was in Makasar, and I didn’t post anything about my stay, just a note from the sea side. 🙂
Few days after Makasar, I was in Bandung with my brother, Rika, and Ike, and then flew to Bontang. Later, went back to Pekanbaru.
Wew, i could not believe myself. I traveled all over (well, not all over, but quite many places) Indonesia in just 3 months. Sumatra, Jawa, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. I think my trip to Papua is in 2005.
Anyway, just a quick flashback to 4 years ago. 2009 is fantastic, everything is fabulous!
Yeah, the word is fabulous! This my 309th post, it’s not the number that matter, it’s about how I can stay writing craps. 😀

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