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My Past Self. A Reflection.

I like my friend (Ferdy)’s photo album title “Do you remember the time of your life? Well, i’ll show you mine.”. Nice title, indeed.

I do remember few clips of time of my life. I know I lost many, tho. But, i remember my lovely family, my friends, my good friends, my good times, and my bad days.

Kinda nice to reflects and go through few years behind. It is amazing for me to be what I am today, and it is also amazing for me to be able to imagine my self in a very different situation for next 5 or 10 years. When i go through my past life, i am (honestly) amazed with: what have happened, with whom I have discussions with, with those who have helped me through hard times of life, with lessons from my parents, with jobs I have taken during my schooling years, with several bad experiences.

I am blessed, without I am knowing what I have done to deserve all these. All the small things and the big things, all teachers and life gurus. My mentors and my friends. The bullying and all the praises.

Many things I have been trying to remember today. And, what could have happened to me without all these things taking places in the past? I never know.

– I worked with my brothers and cousins, washing dishes and tables in a coffee shop (my aunt’s shop), and in return after 1 full day of work, I enjoyed one plate of Sate and free flow of Ice Tea. I would love to thank my mother and my aunt. This experience teach me that hard work is necessary, and there is no free Sate, and that when you enjoy something, you are not actually working but instead you are living.

– A friend (Siska) actually helped me a lot with my final paper, she arranged everything from arranging a friend to pick me up and to help me meeting her boss. I would love to thank her for all the troubles, without she asking for anything in return. This experience teach me that friendship is not about take and give, it’s all about giving.

– A friend (Toto) arranged everything for me during my early days in Jakarta. He took me everywhere, introduced me to all the good lads. We gambled together, partied together, scored few goals together. I still meet Toto and several of the lads until today. This experience teach me that hard life, hard days is nothing with friends around you. That this life is not about finding something you havent found, but instead it is about being grateful with what and who is around.

Well, “Do you remember the time of your life? Well, i’ll show you mine.”.
I am grateful.

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