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Sick by Bakwan

So, i just recovered from a minor sickness. Cant eat, or even drink. So many plans to be done this week, but all are now still in the to-do-list. Damn. So, now i am listening to David Allen’s Getting Things Done tape, previously i read his book, and try to practice several key actions. Some works, some were not. The idea is to get everything outside your head, and put it into a reliable system that your subsconscious mind belief. I tried it.

Only, sometimes I “accidentally forget” to put that into that sort of system (i use a combination of pda-phone, now blackberry, and my journalist pad). I really need to work this out.

Anyway, excited about April, am having a block leave. Back to my hometown for a couple of days with Ike. (and i swear to God, i will not have that stupid bakwan KJ – that bakwan is my only suspect of my sickness).

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