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The Bank Job

This movie is probably one of the very best, I level “The Bank Job” alongside my other favorite: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Both are very good movies. While the later one is not a true story, The Bank Job is. The movie is entertaining with funny english accent, although the plot is not as complicated as Lock Stock or Snatch (both directed by my favorite director slash writer: Guy Ritchie, forgive his ex-wife’s Swept Away).

Kevin Swain: We’re not bank robbers.
Terry Leather: Maybe that’s why we could get away with it.
Dave Shilling: It’s a bit daunting, isn’t it?
Terry Leather: You know what scares me more? Living and dying with nothing to show for it. You know how old Mozart was when he composed his first minuet?
Dave Shilling: No.
Terry Leather: Five. Five! A fucking minuet!
Kevin Swain: And how would you know that fact, Terry?
Terry Leather: Because it’s tattooed on that stripper’s arse, Kevin. What the fuck’s it matter how I know? It’s a fact and you’re missing the point, Kev. What I’m trying to say is, we stop fucking about and stop picking the shit from under our fingernails.

Hahaha, 😀 “…tattooed on that stripper’s arse…”!
If you like this movie, you might also love two titles I mentioned earlier, and Rock n Rolla, also The Italian Job. Enjoy!

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