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After you have been to many weddings, you will learn and notice a common pattern. There’re always some ‘professional guests’ in every wedding. This type of guest will be able to enjoy all the nice food at every corner of the reception halls, name it: kambing guling, shrimp-roll with mayo, anything, WHILE those regular guest will only have “regular” food, like the always-presence Kakap Asam Manis (dunno why they always serve sweet-sour fish fillet), fried rice, cap-cay and shrimp crackers. It is so not fair for regular guests! I am against those pro-guest.

I noticed they formed a certain formation, they have sort of distribution of tasks among team members, and an early observation of site-lay-out is one key they have never skipped. 
Gosh! They’re goooowd! Such a grand strategy! 
All this will not work unless you have also good execution timing. Even better, they dont employ technology; a simple communication early before the execution (err… during the groom and bride enter the room, a long-long red carpet), and a last minute coordination during the wedding toast is one of the success factors.
Just like the business, know the vision, set the strategy, communicate, enjoy success, CELEBRATE five full plates of nice food, and back home enjoy a sound sleep with full stomach and a roaring cholesterol level.

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