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Balut! Balut!

I’ve just read “The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World”. Never tried any of those mentioned, and hmmm… looking at the pictures, i dont have any will to try (even one bite). The closest i’ve ever touched is Balut (which was ranked #1!).

See the picture, yaksssss…!

Going to visit Arroyo next week! Yai! But, i promised myself, to not try Balut. And, from the comments in,
that Balut is mainly an aphrodesiac for Philipian whores. She said that they are sold at night and all the whores come and buy them and you can hear them and their pimps yelling for it “BALUT! BALUT!?” and in the morning after all the crazy whoring you find the egg shells all over the place.

Yep yep! I hear them screaming “Balut” every night!

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