in Life


I visited a potential client yesterday. And, believe it or not, there was a welcome sign, and it sounded like this “Welcome to Our Honorable Guest: Suwandi“. And i just, waaaaaa, that was my name. I told my colleague “Johan, see that? Honorable guest!”.

Not just a “guest”, but a “honorable” guest! I can not believe what I see. Altho, my colleague told me that it kinda common to have such welcome sign, I ignored him. To me, that was something. Let’s have serious thought, sometimes people really honor you, respect you, welcome you, admire you, and another serious positive attitude. Not only “sometimes”, but “most of the times”. But, how many times do you accept that fact? How many times have you consistently tell yourself “I am not good, I am persona non grata, I am not respected, not honored”.

Perhaps, after yesterday, i will treat myself with respect,… and honor! 🙂

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