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The Single Cup

Today, I try not to drink coffee.

It’s been several months that I have a certain problem with sleep. Simple, I cannot sleep well. I don’t exactly know why it is, but this ‘cannot sleep well’ thing is frustrating. I can tell you that.

So, back to the first sentence, I try not to have any single cup of it. I have assumption that the caffeine is the root cause of my problem. I am okay until 3 pm, but, I break myself after that. 🙂 Take a single cup. And, I can tell you, the coffee quite relieving. Before, I have problem with focus and concentration, but after that single cup, I am well awake to start preparing a briefing material.

Just one, for today. Compared to sometimes four-cup-a-day routine during a training-day. And, don’t tell me I am addicted, I am NOT. I just want and need to

(it’s different, there’s a thin line between “want & need to” with “addiction”, and i do hope the thin line is not that single cup of today)*

*inspired by Friends episode where Rachel kiss Gavin

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